Cage Style Descriptions and Photos

Please be advised that wheelchair racing requires above average transfer skills plus good trunk and leg flexibility. It is not usually recommended for athletes weighing more than 200 pounds.

Cage Styles for New Athletes:

  • Open V Cage style is recommended for customers who want to sit in traditional feet forward position and/or eventually want to kneel. This style can accommodated either position and is the best for new athletes. Recommended for athletes with limited balance or for T-10 SCI level and above. These athletes need more of a bucket or squeeze and this frame offers this. The Open V Cage style is requires good transfer skills to get into and out of but offer a stiff cage.  See the photo  below.
  • I Cage is the easiest transfer style to use but cannot be converted to a kneeling position. This style is typically used by higher level injury athletes who sit in the traditional feet forward position with an adjustable fixed style footrest.  See the photo below.

 Cage Styles for Elite or Experienced Athletes:

  • U Cage is for customers who use the kneeling position or need an amputee seat. Customers tend to have good balance and are T-10 injury level or below. The U cage requires an aluminum knee plate for extra rigidity. See  the photo  below.
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