Selection of Axle Position, Camber and Overall Length

  • Axle Position – Typically between 5" – 8". The lower the level of SCI, the more forward the axle position. Minimum for kneeling position is 6". Most of the top racers have between 6 1/2" – 8". Taller people may need the axle more forward (8") and amputees back a bit (5" – 6"). A straight camber tube (new in 1995) increases the stiffness of the chair and includes rear wheel alignment adjustability. The angled camber tube continues to be an option for those needing more room for their feet.

  • Camber – Most users prefer 11°. Athletes who sit high and/or race on the track sometimes prefer more.Camber allows the athlete to reach to the bottom of the push-rim without hurting our upper arms. It also gives the racer a wider wheelbase, therefore stabilizing it around tight corners. The problem with big camber like 15 degrees is that it’s very tricky to set the toe in/out to where the chair rolls really well. Most racers these days opt for 11 – 13 degrees. 

  • Overall Length – Measured from end to end (rear to front wheel) – between 64" and 76". The average male adult measures between 72" – 76". This measurement for everyone is dependent on the ability to reach the steering system and brake comfortably while tucked into the racing position. A longer chair is smoother gliding and runs straighter, but if it's too long, the ability to "hop" the chair by body force will diminish. Track racers like a little shorter chair, as it is easier to maneuver in the pack in the narrow lanes. On the other side, road racers like their chairs a little longer as it gives more stability on bumpy roads and high speeds. Then there is also your trunk length to consider. If you are shorter, you will find it hard to control a long chair, and if you are tall, you will feel cramped up on a short chair. So take all these factors into consideration, but we would suggest not longer than 77 inches.
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