Choosing Wheels, Tires and Pushrims

  • Rear Wheel Size
    • 700C – standard for almost all adult men and women. The larger wheel equals more top end speed and is a must for the serious racer. The Invacare® Top End® Eliminator™ OSR Racing Wheelchair wheel covering fender helps shorter armed people use a 700C wheel as the wheel is covered. The sport has advanced to the point where serious racers do not use the standard metal spoked wheels but these are great if you are starting out. For elite athletes the Corima or Zipp Carbon Fiber disk wheels are the most common choice. They are light, stiff and durable chaffing.
    • 26” wheel size is an option for children or adults with very short arms.


  • Tires-700C Standard Wheels: Black Primo Clincher Tires

700C Carbon Fiber Wheels: Panaracer Rapid Tubular Tires

26” Standard Wheels: Panaracer Stradius Clincher Tires


  • Front Wheel – 20" is standard.


  • Rear Axle – Standard on Top End racers is 1/2" as this makes a stiffer wheel.


  • Rubber Coated Pushrims – Average is 14 1/2" for men, 14" for women. This depends on arm length and power. Range is 12" – 16". Most good racers have tried many sizes over time.

    If you are a track racer, you will opt for a smaller push-rim because this lends to a higher top speed which is really beneficial in the sprints. If you are going to be a road racer, you will need a bigger push-rim to power over the hill. It’s important to make sure that you can comfortably reach the bottom of the push-rim during your stroke, as this is the area on the push-rim where you generate a lot of speed and momentum.


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