Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is basketball played by people in wheelchairs and is considered one of the major disabled sports. The rules are the same as able-bodied basketball and is played on a regulation sized, hardwood basketball court. The lines are the same as you would see on a high school or college sized court (i.e. free throw, three point line, etc.). The chair is considered part of your body, so a degree of contact is allowed when playing defense, setting a pick or boxing out for a rebound. For dribbling, traveling consists of pushing your chair three times without dribbling. So, for every dribble, you’re allowed to push twice. Double dribbling is allowed.

Who is allowed to play wheelchair basketball? Anyone who has a physical impairment that doesn’t allow them to play able-bodied sports would be allowed to play. Most commonly this includes spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, amputees. Recently, more and more athletes who have had a knee replacement qualify to play.

Wheelchair basketball is a team sport and involves practice time and travel. It is important to consider where there are teams to join and to compete against plus other athletes to help you learn and grow as an athlete.

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