Choosing Shifters

Trigger shifters are standard on all of our Invacare® Top End® Force™ Series handcycles because they are easy to use and access. Trigger shifters are mounted on the right hand pedal and include a brake lever so that you have  shifting and braking right at your fingertips. Trigger shifters are designed to be used on the right or are "right-handed" if you will. Typically you use the first finger to upshift and the thumb to downshift.

This set up is the safest because of the access of the brake. Cables do require some maintenance, just like on a bicycle but our cable springs help prevent excessive wear and tear. The only negative is that the cables connecting the brakes and shifter are in your vision line and care must be taken not to get them entangled especially when you are moving it from place to place.

Fork mounted shifters and brake lever are optional. The benefit of this set up is that there are no cables to deal with, however for inexperienced or new riders this can be dangerous because the  primary brake is not as accessible thus reducing reaction times. The  safest option  would be to choose  the second brake  mounted on the hand pedal. Most elite athletes mount their second brake near the crankset for easy access because they do not like any cables.

Grip shifters are another option and are great for athletes who prefer the shifting and braking to be mounted on the left hand pedal.



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