Choose Your Wheels

The first thing to decide is what wheel size will optimize your wheel access because the more wheel contact you have the more efficient you will be which leaves you more energy to do more fun things.

Wheel size: The rear seat height will help to determine the wheel size best for you. Typically lower rear seat heights of use a 24" (540) rear wheel and taller rear seat heights use a 25" (559) wheel. When trying a demo chair make sure your fingertips touch the center for the axle and when you put your hands on the pushrims, the angle at your elbow should measure between 100 to 120 degrees. 

Wheels: Today's trend is to choose the lightest and most durable wheels you can afford or that will be funded by your insurance. The Spinergy LX wheels are very popular because of this and you can choose fun spoke colors to coordinate with your frame color. The standard wheels offered by Top End are great because they feature high flange hubs and strong rims for maximum durability.   

Pushrims: The standard pushrims are made of aluminum and there are  optional pushrims such as plastic coated, titanium and Natural Fit which offer more gripping surface in a variety of choices to promote an ergonomic pushing technique.


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