Shimano®Di2 Electronic Shifting FAQs


  • What Invacare®Top End® Handcycles are available with Shimano® Di2 Electronic shifting?  
    • Electronic shifting is available on the Invacare®Top End® Force RX by selecting the option codes of XLT117 for a hand pedal mounted shifter or XLT118 for a fork mounted shifter.  
    • Force RX can be ordered as a special with electronic shifting for the upper crank or chain rings. If you would like this please write this on the form.    
    • Electronic shifting can also be ordered as a special on the Invacare® Top End® Force™ K Handcycle and the Invacare®Top End® Force™ G Handcycle. This special is offered with shifting for front wheel cassette with a hand pedal mounted shifter.  
  • Which family of Shimano Di2 components are used on the RX?  
    • We use Ultegra™ Di2 shifters and XTR™ Di2 derailleurs.  Ultegra Di2 derailleurs are available upon request.
  • Is electronic shifting offered on the front wheel cassette only or also for the upper chain rings?  
    • On the Invacare Top End Force RX order form we offer electronic shifting for the front wheel cassette, operated by a shifter either mounted on the handpedal or on the fork.   Electronic shifting for the upper crank or chain rings (Syncroshift™) is available as a special.
  • How many speeds is Di2?  
    • Shimano's 2016 Di2 electronic shifting components are 11 speeds.
  • Is Di2 worth it?  
    • Anyone with this question should Google: pros and cons of electronic shifting.  While it's not cheap @ $1750 retail, the reviews for electronic shifting are very good, and some of the benefits are “I'll-never-go-back” kind of benefits.
  • What are the “I'll-never-go-back” kind of benefits?  
    • Di2 components can be adjusted in fine increments to ensure smooth, noise free shifting.  Because there is no metal shifting cable to stretch, kink, or wear out, once your bike is adjusted correct, it stays that way.
    • The 2016 Shimano Di2 design uses electronic wires instead of metal shifting cables.  Also, a handpedal mounted Di2 shifter carries the feature of being able to press &hold down a button to rapidly shift through gears.
  • How do you charge the system?  
    • The system can be charged from a wall outlet or a portable smart phone charger.  This can be accomplished by plugging the Shimano charging cable into the side of the 5-port junction box or XTR display.
  • How do you turn it on?    
    • If it's charged, it's on!  There is no on/off button.
  • How long does a charge last?  
    • ~3 months of daily riding.  The charge lasts a really long time.
  • How long does it take to charge?  
    • About 45 minutes.
  • How can I tell how much battery I have left?  
    • There is a battery charge indicator light on the side of the 5-port junction box or the XTR display, this light can be seen by pressing once the button on the 5-port junction box.
  • Where is the battery?  
    • Top End utilizes Shimano's internal tube battery (which is a little larger than a sharpie marker) inside the fork.  Typically it is placed inside the front vertical upright tube.
  • Does Invacare® Top End® offer retrofit kits?  
    • Parts orders for Di2 components are intended for service part situations, for retrofit an existing bike, athletes should consult a quality bicycle shop.


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