Maximizing your Basketball Wheelchair's Performance

Getting the most from your chair with these tips from Paul Schulte:

Responsive wheels:  New tires, good air pressure and tight spokes can make an old-faithful chair feel great again.

Upholstery:  Upholstery takes a pounding in wheelchair basketball.  Inspect your fabric upholstery components and inquire with your manufacturer about any items that need replacing.

Hardware:  Tight nuts and bolts are a must.  And every chair has at least a few.  Set aside time to break out your wrenches and double check that all nuts and bolts are tight.

Strapping:  Being one-with-your-chair is something all elite players strive for.  Getting the strapping on your chair right for you takes time but it is worth it.  Ask other players what type of strapping works for them and then experiment on your own.

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