What is an SRM® Power Meter System and How Will it Help Me?

Training with an SRM® Power Meter System

 Team USA Athlete Oz Sanchez explains why he uses the SRM® Power Meter and he has the results to prove it!

"Basically, if you’re not training with power, you’re not training for results. Training by feel or heart rate has its obvious limitations with regards to what is really happening between your hands and the power being transferred to the wheel. Training with power is also the only way to truly track how your fitness levels and/or bike modifications are affecting your power and thus overall speed on the bike. Heart rate and feel can never accurately measure this. 

I’ve used a few variations of power meters and hands down the SRM unit is the most practical and cost effective unit available for hand cyclists. The fact that it’s implemented into the crank assembly allows the user to easily swap wheels as necessary between race and training wheels. A wheel mounted unit limits this ability to a single wheel and is simply not ideal."

The SRM® Power Meter is a state of the art measuring tool which is integrated directly into the Top End crankset which records your workout. You download your workout information to your computer to track your training and progress towards your goals. The Triple SRM has 3 standard chainrings and compact has 2 chainrings with a 110mm mounting diameter. Visit for more details.

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